Volume 2 No 1 (Summer 2007)

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  • Cafferky, Michael E. (2007). Celebrating paradoxes in Christian leadership. JACL, 2(1), 3-19.  Read article.
  • Nichols, Tim. (2007). The pastor’s role in vision-based leadership. JACL, 2(1), 20-31.  Read article.
  • Frank, Thomas Edward. (2007). The discourse of leadership and the practice of administration JACL, 2(1), 32-53.  Read article.
  • VanDenburgh, David. (2007). Coaching for leaders. JACL, 2(1), 54-61.  Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Huebner, H. Echoes of the Word: Theological ethics as rhetorical practice. Reviewed by Boshart, David. JACL, 2(1), 62-68.  Read article.
  • Manley II, W. W. Executive’s handbook of model business conduct codes. Reviewed by Auxier, William R. JACL, 2(1), 69-76.  Read article.