Volume 3 No 2 (Autumn 2009)

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Research Summaries:
  • Good leaders making bad decisions? JACL, 3(2), 7.  Read article.
  • Sleep deprivation and team performance. JACL, 3(2), 7-8.  Read article.
  • Expressing gratitude. JACL, 3(2), 9.  Read article.
  • Wiley, K. (2009).  Playing second trombone. JACL, 3(2), 10-12.  Read article.
  • Whitney, R. L. (2009).  Surprised by joy: What seniors teach us about the meaning of leadership. JACL, 3(2), 13-32.  Read article.
  • Nuñez, M. A., & Gonzalez, S. (2009). Mobbing in Christian organizations: When abuse is spiritualized. JACL, 3(2), 33-47.  Read article.
  • Staples, R. L. (2009). Ralph D. Winter, 1924-2009: Innovative and inspiring missions leader. JACL, 3(2), 48-55.  Read article.
  • Goldsmith, Marshall. (2009). The success delusion: Why it can be so hard for successful leaders to change. JACL, 3(2), 83-91.  Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Chhokar, J. S., Brobdeck, F. C., & House, R. J. (2007). Culture and leadership, across the world: The GLOBE book of in-depth studies of 25 societies. Reviewed by Baumgartner, Erich. (2009). JACL, 3(2), 56-62.  Read review.
  • Elmer, Duane  (2006). Cross-cultural servanthood: Serving the world in Christlike humility. Reviewed by Doss, Cheryl. JACL, 3(2), 63-66.  Read review.
  • Kayes, D. Christopher. (2006). Destructive goal pursuit : the Mount Everest disaster. Reviewed by De Oliveira, Becky A. JACL, 3(2), 67-76.  Read review.
  • Johnson, Craig E. (2007). Ethics in the workplace: tools and tactics for organizational transformation. Reviewed by Nielsen, Arne P. JACL, 3(2), 77-82.  Read review.