Volume 6 No 1 (Spring 2012)

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  • Editors. (2012). Walking in the Light. JACL, 6(1), 4-7.  Read article.
Leadership Interview:
  • Johnson, C. (2012). Charting the Future for Moral Leadership. JACL, 6(1), 18-26. Read article.
Featured Articles:
  • Richardson, W. (2012). Ethics in Leadership. JACL, 6(1), 10-16. Read article.
  • Randall, D. (2012). Leadership and the Use of Power: Shaping an Ethical Climate. JACL, 6(1), 28-35. Read article.
  • Covrig, D., Ongo, M., & Ledesma, J. (2012). Integrating Four Types of Moral Leadership. JACL, 6(1), 36-63. Read article.
  • Bunch, W. (2012). On Being “Just” a Follower: Rejecting the Pejorative and Pursuing a Higher Calling. JACL, 6(1), 65-71. Read article.
Leadership Lived:
  • Traxler, B., & Covrig, D. (2012). Moral Biography of Andrew Jackson. JACL, 6(1), 74-88.  Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Buford, B. (2008). Halftime. Reviewed by Cosgrove, J. (2012). JACL 6(1), 90-91. Read review.
  • Deering, R. (2012). A Sailor Looks at Leadership. Reviewed by Woodruff, G. (2012). JACL 6(1), 91-92. Read review.
  • Isaacson, W. (2011). Steve Jobs. Reviewed by Collins, S. (2012). JACL 6(1), 93-94. Read review.
  • Johnson, C. (2012). Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow. Reviewed by Covrig, D. (2012). JACL 6(1), 94-95. Read review.
  • Patterson, K., Grenny, J., McMillan, R., & Switzler, A. (2012). Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High. Reviewed by Oke, A. (2012). JACL 6(1), 97-98. Read review.
Dissertation Notices:
  • Dahlvig, J. (2011). A Narrative Study of Women Leading Within the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. PhD. Azusa Pacific University. JACL 6(1), 99-99. Read abstract.
  • Exantus, W. (2011). Pastoral Burnout and Leadership Styles: A Mixed-Methods Study of Southern Baptist Pastors in Central Florida. PhD. Capella University. JACL 6(1), 99-99. Read abstract.
  • Gathogo, N. (2011). Ethnicity, Peace, and Violence: The Voices of Kenyan Church Leaders. PhD. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. JACL 6(1), 99-100. Read abstract.
  • Handy, A. (2011). The Specula Principum in Northwestern Europe, A.D. 650-900: The Evolution of a New Ethical Rule. PhD. University of Notre Dame. JACL 6(1), 100-100. Read abstract.
  • Hickman, T. (2010). The Integration of Jesus’ Great Commandment Within Christian Higher Education: An Analysis of the Leadership Praxis of Dr. David S. Dockery. PhD. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. JACL 6(1), 100-100. Read abstract.
  • Higgins, V. (2011). Leadership Style and Teaching Orientation of Pastors of Solo-Pastor SBC Churches. PhD. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. JACL 6(1), 100-101. Read abstract.
  • Hong, H. (2010). Enriched by Diversity: The Transformation of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA Into a Multiethnic Organization. PhD. Reformed Theological Seminary. JACL 6(1), 101-101. Read abstract.
  • Johnson, L. (2011). Keeping Women Silent: A Study of Female Leadership in Faith-Based Institutions. PhD. Capella University. JACL 6(1), 101-101. Read abstract.
  • Lee, J. (2011). Competency-Based Leadership Development for Emerging Christian Camp Leaders in North American Christian Camping. PhD. Biola University. JACL 6(1), 102-102. Read abstract.
  • Palmer, M. (2011). Faculty Perceptions of Organizational Leadership at Christian Colleges and Universities With Missions of Servant Leadership. PhD. Dallas Baptist University. JACL 6(1), 102-102. Read abstract.
  • Sholes, J. (2010). Do Christian College Students Develop into More Ethical Leaders? An Evaluation of Moral Development and Transformational Leadership. PhD. Capella University. JACL 6(1), 102-102. Read abstract.