Volume 12 No 1 (Spring 2018)

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Full Journal:
  • Cincala, P. (2018). The Value Of Servant Leadership. JACL, 12(1), 4-7. Read article.
Biblical Reflections:
  • Serrano, C. (2018). It Seemed Good To The Holy Spirit And To Us: A Biblical Example Of The Organizational Decision-making Process. JACL, 12(1), 10-15. Read article.
Leadership Interview:
  • Baumgartner, E. (2018). A “Different Kind” Of Christian. JACL, 12(1), 18-25. Read article.
Featured Articles:
  • Doukhan, J. (2018). Leadership In The Creation Narrative. JACL, 12(1), 28-40. Read article.
  • Bigley, J. (2018). Places Of Worship: Leadership Influence On Threat Vulnerability. JACL, 12(1), 41-63. Read article.
  • Singfiel, J. (2018). When Servant Leaders Appear Laissez-faire: The Effect Of Social Identity Prototypes On Christian Leaders. JACL, 12(1), 64-77. Read article.
Leadership Lived:
  • Chase, J., & Cincala, P. (2018). Servant Leadership And Church Health And Growth. JACL, 12(1), 80-89. Read article.
  • Onongha, K. (2018). Spirituality, Sexuality, And Christian Leadership. JACL, 12(1), 92-100. Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Croft, B., & Butler, B. (2018). Oversee God’s People: Shepherding The Flock Through Administration And Delegation. JACL, 12(1), 102-103. Read article.
  • Lokkesmoe, R. (2018). Paul And His Team: What The Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership And Influence. JACL, 12(1), 104-105. Read article.
  • Bachelder, C. (2018). Dare To Serve: How To Drive Superior Results By Serving Others. JACL, 12(1), 105-106. Read article.
  • Morgan, T. (2018). The Unstuck Church: Equipping Churches To Experience Sustained Health. JACL, 12(1), 107-108. Read article.
  • McConnell, D. (2018). Cultural Insights For Christian Leaders: New Directions For Organizations Serving God’s Mission. JACL, 12(1), 108-110. Read article.
Leadership Resources:
  • Thomas, N. (2018). A Review Of The John Maxwell Certification Program. JACL, 12(1), 110-115. Read article.
Dissertation Notices:
  • Jones, Y. (2017). Toxic leadership: A curriculum to identify and prevent toxic leaders in church ministry in Southwest Dallas, Texas. JACL, 12(1), 116-116. Read abstract.
  • Garza, O. (2018). The relationship between leadership style and conflict management style of Christian pastors. JACL, 12(1), 116-117. Read abstract.
  • Sawyer, W. (2018). Ontological principles of leadership in Acts 2 and 6:1-7 and their anthropological implications for the constructs of Christian leadership and spirituality in the workplace. JACL, 12(1), 117-117. Read abstract.
  • Hernandez, C. N. A. H. (2018). Spirituality and authentic leadership development in neocharismatic Christians of Latin America working in nonreligious organizations: A phenomenological study. JACL, 12(1), 117-118. Read abstract.
  • Ramseur, A. G. (2018). The relationship between servant leadership, effective leadership, and ethical leadership: A non-profit organization correlational study. JACL, 12(1), 118-119. Read abstract.
  • Jagela, W. M. (2018). Student perceptions of the influence of servant leadership at two private Christian denomination campuses. JACL, 12(1), 119-119. Read abstract.

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