Volume 7 No 1 (Spring 2013)

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  • Editors. (2013). We Speak What We Know. JACL, 7(1), 4-6.  Read article.
Leadership Interview:
  • Patterson, S. (2013). Reflections on Spiritual Leadership [interview with Richard Blackaby]. JACL, 7(1), 18-33. Read article.
Featured Articles:
  • Montoro, V. (2013). Professional Development for Christian Teachers: A Mixed-Methods Study. JACL, 7(1), 54-67. Read article.
  • Patterson, S. (2013). Up the Down Path: Power, Ambition, and Spiritual Leadership. JACL, 7(1), 8-15. Read article.
  • Ledesma, J. (2013). Narratives of Longevity: Why Adventist Principals Stay Beyond 10 Years in One School. JACL, 7(1), 36-63. Read article.
  • McMaster, J. (2013). The Influence of Christian Education on
    Leadership Development. JACL, 7(1), 68-84. Read article.
Leadership Lived:
  • Burch, P. (2013). Project Compassion. JACL, 7(1), 86-91.  Read article.
  • Decker, T. (2013). Reflection on April 1, 2011—Nahid. JACL, 7(1), 92-93.  Read article.
  • Morgan, D. (2013). Salvation in the Dirt. JACL, 7(1), 94-96.  Read article.
  • Ledesma, J. (2013). Spiritual Leadership in Schools [interview with L. Roo McKenzie]. JACL, 7(1), 97-102.  Read article.
  • Covrig, D., Ledesma, J., & Gifford, G. (2013). Spiritual or Religious Leadership: What Do You Practice? What Should You Practice?. JACL, 7(1), 104-113.  Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Reece, S. (2012). Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck—
    Why Some Thrive Despite Them All [review] / Collins, Jim and Morton T. Hansen . JACL, 7(1), 116-117.  Read article.
  • Spencer, B. (2013). The Moral Imperative Realized [review] / Fullan,
    Michael. JACL, 7(1), 118-119.  Read article.
  • Penno, D. (2013). Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders: Tapping the
    Root for Ministry [review] / Gillies, Susan E. and M. Ingrid Dvirnak. JACL, 7(1), 119-120.  Read article.
  • Obinchu, F., & Patterson, S. (2013). Resolving Everyday Conflict [review] / Sande, Ken and Kevin Johnson. JACL, 7(1), 120-122.  Read article.
  • Adomako, M., & Patterson, S. (2013). Eat that Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time [review] / Tracy, Brian. JACL, 7(1), 122-123.  Read article.
Leadership Resources:
  • Crowther, S. (2013). An Examination of Leadership Principles in 1 Peter in Comparison to Authentic and Kenotic Models
    of Leadership [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 7(1), 124-124.  Read abstract.
  • Derico, J. (2013). A Delphi Study of the Biblical/Doctrinal
    Knowledge that Ministers of Christian Churches/
    Churches of Christ Consider Essential for Spiritual
    Development [Dissertation Notice] . JACL, 7(1), 124-124.  Read abstract.
  • Hines, C. (2013). A Study of Pastors, their Leadership and the Results
    of their Churches [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 7(1), 125-125.  Read abstract.
  • Johnson, C. (2013). Predicting Leadership Practices from Spirituality in
    Female Leaders of Corporations [Disstertation
    Notice]. JACL, 7(1), 125-125.  Read abstract.
  • Jones, G. (2013). A Theological Comparison Between Social Science
    Models and a Biblical Perspective of Servant
    Leadership [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 7(1), 126-126.  Read abstract.
  • Mays, R. (2013). Comparing Turnaround Leadership in a Rural
    Church and in Schools [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 7(1), 126-126.  Read abstract.
  • Newkirk, D. (2013). Preparing Women for Baptist Church Leadership:
    Mentoring Impact on Beliefs and Practices of
    Female Ministers [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 7(1), 126-127.  Read abstract.