Volume 8 No 1 (Spring 2014)

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Biblical Reflections:
  • Choi, G. (2014). The Leading Servant. JACL, 8(1), 8-16. Read article.
Leadership Interview:
  • Freed, S. (2014). Leadership Issues for the Church [Interview with George Barna]. JACL, 8(1), 18-35. Read article.
Featured Articles:
  • Jacobs, T. (2014). African-American Women Elders in Adventist Congregations. JACL, 8(1), 38-54. Read article.
  • Puls, T., Ludden, L., & Freemyer, J. (2014). Authentic Leadership and Its Relationship to Ministerial Effectiveness. JACL, 8(1), 55-75. Read article.
  • Wollf, R. (2014). Leaders and Their Use of Power in Facilitating Organizational Change. JACL, 8(1), 76-87. Read article.
Leadership Lived:
  • Jenkin, C., & Martin, A. (2014). Engaging Adventist Millennials: A Church Embracing Relationships*. JACL, 8(1), 96-104. Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Patterson, S. (2014). Peer to Peer Leadership: Why the Network is the Leader [review] / Baker, Mila N.. JACL, 8(1), 106-108. Read article.
  • Danihel, M. (2014). Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution [review] / Bodell, Lisa. JACL, 8(1), 108-110. Read article.
  • Aguilera, R. (2014). Boundaries for Leaders: Results, Relationships, and Being Ridiculously in Charge [review] / Cloud, Henry. JACL, 8(1), 110-111. Read article.
  • Aguilera, R. (2014). As I Follow Christ: 20 Essentials Every Leader Should Know [review] / Esmond, Dwain (Ed.). JACL, 8(1), 110-111. Read article.
  • Overstreet, R. (2014). The Power of Invisible Leadership: How a Compelling Common Purpose Inspires Exceptional Leadership [review] / Hickman, Gill Robinson and Georgia J. Sorenson. JACL, 8(1), 112-113. Read article.
  • Manders, K. (2014). Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain World [review] / Johansen, Bob. JACL, 8(1), 113-116. Read article.
Leadership Resources:
  • Beb, S. (2014). Leadership Development in the Local Church [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(1), 117-117. Read abstract.
  • Burton, W. (2014). Examining the Relationship Between Leadership Behaviours of Senior Pastors and Church Growth [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(1), 117-117. Read abstract.
  • Graham, A. (2014). The Leadership Dynamics of Growing a Missional Church in the City: The District Church, Washington, DC. [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(1), 118-118. Read abstract.
  • Rumley, D. (2014). Perceptions of the Senior Pastors’ Transformational Leadership Style and its Relationship to the Eight Markers of Natural Church Development [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(1), 118-118. Read abstract.
  • Scuderi, N. (2014). Servant Leadership and Transformational Leadership in Church Organizations [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(1), 119-119. Read abstract.
  • Stewart, M. (2014). An Examination of the Relationship Between Exemplary Leadership Practices of Senior Pastors and Church Growth Measures [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(1), 119-120. Read abstract.