Volume 8 No 2 (Fall 2014)

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  • Editors, JACL. (2014). Leaders Eat Last. JACL, 8(2), 4-6. Read article.
Biblical Reflections:
  • Ellison, E. (2014). The Prophet Samuel: In the Wrong Place at the Right Time. JACL, 8(2), 8-17. Read article.
Leadership Interview:
  • Editors, JACL. (2014). The Steward Leader [Interview with Scott Rodin]. JACL, 8(2), 20-32. Read article.
Featured Articles:
  • Frawley, R. (2014). The Impact of Leadership on the Role and Mission of a Christian College. JACL, 8(2), 34-48. Read article.
  • Stahl, A., Duane, & Newman, I. (2014). Understanding Board Leadership: Adventist Hospital Board Chair Behaviors and Effectiveness and Organizational Outcomes. JACL, 8(2), 49-66. Read article.
  • Onongha, K. (2014). Corruption, Culture, and Conversion: The Role of the Church in Correcting a Global Concern. JACL, 8(2), 67-82. Read article.
  • Douglas, S. (2014). Developing Leaders for Pastoral Ministry. JACL, 8(2), 84-90. Read article.
  • Thordarson, T. (2014). Should a Christian Leader Always Wait on God to Act?. JACL, 8(2), 92-96. Read article.
Book Reviews:
  • Carlile, S. (2014). Pastoral Graces: Reflections on the Care of Souls [review] / Eclov, Lee. JACL, 8(2), 98-99. Read article.
  • Perez, J. (2014). Change Leader: Learning to do What Matters Most [review] / Fullan, Michael. JACL, 8(2), 99-103. Read article.
  • Perez, J. (2014). Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence [review] / Goleman, Daniel. JACL, 8(2), 103-105. Read article.
  • Patterson, S. (2014). Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians [review] / Lederach, John Paul. JACL, 8(2), 106-107. Read article.
  • Patterson, S. (2014). Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling [review] / Schein, Edgar H.. JACL, 8(2), 107-108. Read article.
  • Westgate, B. (2014). Redefining Leadership: Character-Driven Habits of Effective Leaders [review] / Stowell, Joseph M.. JACL, 8(2), 108-109. Read article.
Leadership Resources:
  • Adams, A. (2014). Shepherd Leadership of Church of God Pastors and How This Relates to Ministerial Effectiveness [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 110-110. Read abstract.
  • Davis, H. (2014). Theology or Culture? A Closer Look at the Issues Driving the Current Debate over Ordination Without Regard to Gender in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 110-110. Read abstract.
  • Fletcher, M. (2014). Empowering and Equipping Women Through Biblically Based, Gender-Specific Leadership Awareness Teaching and Training in a Local Church Setting [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 111-111. Read abstract.
  • Kwon, S. (2014). An Evaluation of Performance as it Relates to the Adventist Community Services Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program in the United States [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 111-111. Read abstract.
  • O’Dell, J. (2014). The Relationship Between the Leadership Practices of Presidents and the Organizational Culture of Christian Colleges and Universities [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 112-112. Read abstract.
  • Olatunji, I. (2014). The Inward Disciplines of Spiritual Formation Among Seventh-Day Adventist Ministerial Leadership [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 112-112. Read abstract.
  • Onongha, K. (2014). Towards a Missiological Model for Worldview Transformation Among Adherents to African Traditional Religion in Yorubaland [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 113-113. Read abstract.
  • Park, Y. (2014). Women’s Effective Leadership in Contemporary Taiwanese Churches [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 113-113. Read abstract.
  • Rosalita, I. (2014). Biblical Eldership and Leadership [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 113-114. Read abstract.
  • Roth, J. (2014). The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Pastor Leadership in Turn-Around Churches [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 114-114. Read abstract.
  • Schulze, A. (2014). Key Factors of Faith Development: The Relationship Between Family and Church Factors and Faith Development of Adolescents and Young Adults in German-Speaking Europe [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 114-115. Read abstract.
  • Swanner, J. (2014). Two by Two Leadership: A Model of Christian Leadership [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 115-115. Read abstract.
  • Stunkard, D. (2014). Organizational Preference of Members in Historically Defined Homogeneous Conferences of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church: A Question of Organizational Identity [Dissertation Notice]. JACL, 8(2), 115-115. Read abstract.